the Not-So-Puffy Jacket

Uniqlo Ultra Ligt Down Jacket

Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jacket in Dark Green

I really hate wearing winter jackets or coats as they tend to be bulky and heavy. I have been a long time fan of Uniqlo since they first opened its NYC store. There was a sale on this Ultra Light Down Jacket in Dark Green color and it was more than half off. I ordered this in XS and it fits me just right. There’s enough room for just one more thick layer but it would be too tight on the sleeves if you tried to wear more than 2 layers.

The color is actually a darker green than the one displayed on the website and for reference, it’s closer to this color. It also comes in a lot of other colors so go check them out. I was worried about it being non-hooded, but it turned out to be alright after some wears since it hasn’t gotten too cold. And if it does, I can just wear a hat or a chunky scarf.

Puffy jackets have this stigma with being ..well puffy, but not this one. I really like this jacket for its thinness and light weight as well as the ability to roll it up and pack it into a compact pouch that it comes with. This has been especially resourceful to me when I need to travel to somewhere colder than where I depart. It’s also water repellent, which I have not yet tested this feature. People worry that its thinness would not provide enough warmth and that’s a fair opinion, but they just need to try it to find out. I have worn this in the 30+ degree Fahrenheit and I have felt quite warm with a long sleeve and hoodie underneath. On windy days, I do have to wear a scarf to keep warmer though.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a coat, so know the difference. A coat is generally longer and thicker while jackets are the opposite. Uniqlo does sell this in a coat version, but they’re not in stock currently. I prefer jackets over coats as the long lengths of coats tends to take away from my height making me appear shorter, but it may not be the case if I wear heels.

2015-11-14 13.02.03
at the MET museum in Nov 2015
2015-11-14 16.11.13
at Central Park, NYC in Nov 2015
2015-11-15 10.30.53
at Brooklyn Heights Park, NYC in Nov 2015


Edit: I wore this jacket recently during my trip to Chicago when temperatures were in the range of 20 to 30 °F (-6.7 to -1.1 °C), so it was below freezing temperatures during my 5 day trip there. Wearing just one layer (i.e., long sleeve shirt) under this jacket with a chunky knit scarf were not enough to keep me warm. I would need to wear at least 2 layers + scarf + head accessory in order to stay warm in sub-freezing temperatures.


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