Leather flats

Clarks Women's Dunbar Racer Boat Shoe

My bf surprise gifted this Clarks Women’s Dunbar Racer Boat Shoe in luggage color for my birthday. I had not told him to get this as I was still searching for a classic brown colored flat. But Bubee did his own research and consulted with my friends before buying this flat. It wasn’t love at first sight, but after a few wears, I really liked them. I was hesitant about the look of the rubberized heel, but they prove to not get in the way of the look and makes it more durable and rugged for everyday wear. 

2014-06-24 19.59.17

I’ve had this flat for a year and half now and still wearing it. I fit shoes in size 6 – 6.5M and the size 6M was a great fit for me. It goes great with any casual or semi-dressy clothes. The color of the shoe is also not as dark as it is in the picture on Amazon, it looks more like a lighter brown like the tan leather option. It’s very comfy and I can wear it all day. However, there is no arch support so I put in a 3/4 insole from Superfeet brand for my low arch needs. A full size insole would be too tight in the toes area. I also wear socks for flats because I noticed that when my feet gets a little sweaty (not gonna lie), the ball of the foot would stick to the inner fabric and has actually peeled away from the shoe as I removed my foot from the shoe. But this doesn’t happen when I wear socks and it’s a win-win since my sweaty feet won’t stink up the shoe. It still just smells like leather to me. The rubber sole has been great at keeping the shoe looking like new. However, the luggage colored one doesn’t have the rubber sole running to the top of the shoe, so be careful not to kick anything too hard there. It does squeak on hard-tiled floors, but I’ve become used to it and I’m not always walking on hard tiled floors, just between my work office and the bathroom. The leather seems to have softened over time, but not expanded to the point where it’s too wide for my feet. I have not experienced any scuffing from the inner threading nor any back scraping of the foot. This shoe looks like a very well-made shoe and worth the investment.

2015-06-28 22.58.59
Front of the shoe after 1 year of wear with 3/4 Superfeet insole
2015-06-28 22.59.31
Back of the shoe after 1 year of wear with 3/4 Superfeet insole

On a side note, I remember going to a Career Fair on my college campus, and wore this shoe with my business casual outfit. As I was walking up to a company booth, one of the recruiters recognized that I was wearing Clarks shoe and said “good choice”. I’ve also received a few compliments about the shoe being cute.


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