Gladiator Sandals

Report Graden Flat Sandal

I needed a new sandal to replace a black sandal that I had been wearing for the past 5 summers. When summer of 2015 rolled around, I noticed that I could no longer extend the lifetime of my old sandals any longer, and thus began my search for a sandal to replace the shoes of the old one. I like to wear strappy flat sandals as I do quite a bit of walking in the city and on campus. I was at DSW again and this Report Graden Flat Sandal caught my eye.

I loved this one within 30 mins walking into the store. It was also very budget friendly for a student like me. I wear a size 6 – 6.5 because my left foot is 6.5 while my right is a 6, but the size 6 fit me just right. I bought the tan/ brown one and the color looks exactly as pictured. On first impression, these reminded me of gladiator sandals (300 movie anyone?) It’s best to wear this sandal on casual walking days as there is no arch support and I found my heels feeling quite tired after a day’s worth of city touring due to the hard concrete sidewalks. It is still comfy and I didn’t find any loose stitching or anything that scraped against my skin. I like that it’s very roomy for my toes to wiggle around and that there was no toe thong because I despise that feature on a lot of sandals. The strap is also adjustable to your liking and I like to put it to the max as my feet expands towards the end of the day. The bottom sole is also somewhat textured so it’s less likely you will slip, but the texturing seems to be wearing away the fastest under the heel area.

I do recommend this sandal for casual outings, not for miles of walking though. I’ve added a picture of the sandal so far and you will see the wear on the bottom sole of the left sandal, and a tiny speck of the toe area on the right sandal that got scraped off so be gentle on them. I think I can get 2-3 summer of wear out of this pair.

These sandals would pair very well with maxi dresses/skirts like this one here.

2015-07-12 22.34.08
After a month of wear
2015-07-03 12.43.38
looking down on the sandal; plz excuse my red toes as I was getting a lot of sun exposure
2015-07-03 12.04.47
at a summer arts festival in Denver

2 thoughts on “Gladiator Sandals

  1. I have these sandals, and I purchased mine at DSW in 2015 too (in Denver – to add to coincidences)! They are really cute and easy to style. I agree they have a gladiator flair about them. Mine still have some life left in them after two summers of wear. How are yours holding up?

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