the Nautical sweater

The nautical stripe design was worn by a lot of sailors to make it easier to spot any sailor that fell overboard. Back then, the colors were often navy blue and white, but today, it can be any color besides navy blue, but the white stripe remains. The stripes have become a timeless and modern design.

I got this XS striped shoulder button pullover sweater from Loft as a gift from younger sister. Loft and Ann Taylor sell similar styles of this type every cold season. It has a 3/4 sleeve length. Since this is a knitted material, I usually like to wear a cami underneath. I usually feel quite warm in this sweater, which is great to fight against those nasty winters, but not winter 2015.

It’s very classy looking and I have worn this at business-casual events. It can be easily dressed down or up. I like the 3/4 sleeve length as that allows me to show off my bracelets. I just have to be mindful about flipping this sweater inside out when putting it in the wash to prevent the shoulder buttons from snagging on anything.

Below are some pictures of me wearing this classy looking sweater at a Secret Santa with my friends.

Merry Christmas everyone!



wearing Loft’s Striped Shoulder Button Pullover Sweater at SkyDeck, Willis/Sears Tower, Chicago, IL



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