Chunky Infinity Scarf

While there are many types of scarf that can be accessorized for any season, I love myself a chunky scarf as my ultimate battle gear against the frigid cold winter wars. Blanket scarves have been a very trendy scarf alternative – especially among some of my fashion fashion bloggers such as ExtraPetite– , but I find that I much prefer the cozy feeling I get from the knit feel/weight of a chunky infinity scarf. I also like how it’s chunky enough that I can double its functionality by wearing it as a hood so I don’t need another winter accessory to lose carry around. Alternative names for this type of round scarf are snood, infinite loop, circle, cowl, eternity, tube, and Möbius. The names are used interchangeably, but if you are pedantic check out this guide here for the specific meanings.

My chunky scarves have proven to be very useful during the sub-freezing temperatures in Chicago and NYC.

It can be tricky wearing these chunky scarves as it can easily overwhelm the body of petite sized person and that was what happened to me when I bought my first chunky red infinity scarf from Ann Taylor 4 years ago.


This is a somewhat long scarf where you have to loop the scarf around your head a second time in order for more coverage/protection around the neck. This had kept me warm while I waited in line for 4+ hours to get tickets for a winter kpop concert and the color was appropriate for the winter season activities despite the bright red color. However, I will have to admit that it was sometimes it to be too big on me and made me dread the hassle of having it carry it around in the warm indoors.

This past Christmas, a friend gifted me a new chunky scarf – Green Marl Knit Twist Loop Scarf from Express. My friend knew I like green and thought of me when she saw this green scarf. It also comes in red and white colors. It’s currently on clearance? sale for $29.99 and then an additional 40% off.

Marl yarn, which is regularly used in knitwear and contributes to the scope of knitted fabrics, is often used in response to the colour effects that this yarn can offer the designer…A new terminology ‘marledness’ has been defined and is referred to as: two plied or twisted yarns of different colours to form a knitted sample with colour effects that are evenly distributed in a dotted manner.International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education

Unlike my Ann Taylor chunky scarf, this Express one was not as heavy and long so I didn’t need to loop it around my head twice, and it has a twist in the loop so that it is not flat all around. I think the twist adds a look of the scarf to appear to have looped around your neck as that is what happens when you loop long scarves around the neck. I wore this during my recent trip to Chicago and boy was it cold (low 20’s°F/ 5°C). This scarf helped protect both my head, ears, and upper shoulder during those heavy cold gusts of wind. I think this scarf would work very well in keeping me warm in the range of 15 — 45°F (9 — 7°C) weather. It is difficult, though, to keep it over my head during really strong gusts of wind or when I need to walk fast, but it’s fitting enough around my neck and shoulders that I can just raise parts of the scarf higher around my ears and head.

Express Green Marl Knit Twist Loop Scarf
Express Green Marl Knit Twist Loop Scarf

There is still the problem of carrying it around in the warm indoors though. I worked around this by circling it over my bag’s strap and it has remained on top of the body of my bag as shown here during my 4+hrs visit at the Art Institute of Chicago (see picture below).

2015-12-30 14.33.44
Express Green Marl Knit Twist Loop Scarf | Art Institute of Chicago

There were times when indoors places were not heated well enough and I have worn it draped over the upper half of my body; very cozy as a wrap (see example picture below).


I can definitely see myself wearing this chunky scarf to brave more winter seasons to come.

Other random tidbits about chunky knits.

Anna Marinenko using her bare hands to make over-sized knit products to keep people warm. [Read more]
Tabloid picture of rock star Lenny Kravitz from two Thanksgivings ago wearing a humongous blanket scarf.

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