Nylon bags can be dressy too!

End of the 2015 year has been just about replacing some of my worn out items which is perfect timing for many of the holiday sales going on. My current cross-body bag, which is also my everyday bag, was wearing out from the inside. This wouldn’t really matter since it can’t be seen from the outside, but it’s very sadly visible once I put my bag down.

It’s quite difficult for me to find a bag online since I need to feel and touch the bag, and I am also very wary of online website’s dimension sizing. I much prefer searching at a physical store for this reason. While at T.J. Maxx, I found this great looking messenger bag – Calvin Klein Dressy Nylon Messenger Bag. It is nylon material and has a very sleek looking strap. I like brown straps. Despite the nylon material, it still looks dressy enough for special occasions.

I only found out that there was a navy version after doing some online research, but TJMaxx only carried the black/gold color version. If the store had the navy one, I would have preferred it more, but for the price, it was not huge discouragement. CK no longer carries this line of bag on their website and there were no online reviews. I could only conclude that this was an old line of bags. Amazon still sells it at MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) that is over $130, but TJMaxx was selling it for $44. This store is known for selling old models of designer brands at discounted prices, which is perfectly okay for me.


  • Magnetic Snap closure
  • 25″ shoulder drop
  • 10″ high
  • 13″ wide
  • Adjustable strap snap closure, exterior back slip pockets inside zip and slip pockets
  • Includes interior back wall zipper pocket and two interior multi-function pockets
  • Two exterior zipper pocket
  • Four exterior multi-function pockets
  • Shoulder strap length: 52″
  • Made in China

These are the features that I copied and pasted from the site. The features that I were most important to me were the ones highlighted in bold. It’s very important for me that the strap is adjustable in order to be personalized for my height. I also need the flap to have a magnetic snap closure for convenience in opening and closing the bag.

Although the nylon material does not have the same classy look as leather material, it does have it own advantages. It felt very well-crafted, and the nylon felt quite thick and durable, which means it might be able to handle the rain/snowstorms and other environmental damages to it. I have seen many nylon bags that didn’t have any structure to it like hobo bags, but this one had these brown contrast polymer linings on it gave it more structure. It’s also quite light-weight. For the overall size, it is smaller than a school messenger bag. It can fit a tablet and small folder, and maybe a small laptop like MacBook Air and Ultraportables. The brown strap has a shiny bronze sheen to it making it look very dressy. This bag can totally work for going to the office or business meeting. And there are so many pockets to use and organize! There’s a front zipper pocket that is hard to tell in the above picture, and that makes it so convenient to grab my often used items such as my phone.

Here are more pictures of the bag:


I wore this to my Chicago trip for New Years. Such a great travel bag!

Edit: I personally measured the bag to exclude the product material as that can affect the fit for laptops, so it came out to be 12.25″ x 9″ x 4″. It also measures 14.75″ diagonally.


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