Easy Corny

This post will be about the easiest (or even the fastest?) way to make corn that I learned from Chef John (FoodWishes). You only need some corn cobs and a microwave. Bubee and I often make this when we want a super duper lazy vegetable side dish. This is more of a technique than a recipe and I set out to recreate it.


  • corn on cobs with leaves still on them
  • butter
  • kosher salt to taste



  1. Place the corn on cob in the center of a microwave and cook it for 3 mins and 30 seconds.
  2. Use a towel or something to protect your hands as you remove the hot corn cob from the microwave.
  3. Cut off the husk or the base part of the corn.
  4. Using a towel to hold the pointy end of the corn cob,  hold the leaves and push the corn cob out of the leaves. This will pull out most of the strings. If not, just remove the remaining ones by hand.
  5. Split the cob to the number of servings. Use a knife to smear butter over the kernels to help the salt to stick.


Recipe and images courtesy of FoodWishes.


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