my black eyeliner bestie

My go-to eyeliner is the Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.  I used to use random pencils, but I haven’t found one that was smudge-free. This Stila product has close to 7,000 online reviews, but I fell in love with it even before I read the online reviews. I was at a Sephora store just sampling some liquid eyeliners. It costs $20, but there are sales so wait for that if you have time since I was able to get it for $15 and less before. I rarely put on makeup due to the fear of how my skin would react to them, but I’ve had no problems with this eyeliner and wished I had more opportunities come up to put it on more often.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

The tip is very pointy so makes for easy precision. In the picture below is the thickness of the line from 1-2 applications of it. I like to make a simple clean line that is slightly thicker towards the outer ends of the eyes. I also make small curved flick at the end to outline the skin that shapes up when I make a big big smile. It dries very quickly though so you won’t be able to do any smudging after 3 seconds. But if I make a mistake, I immediately stop applying and quickly smudge it away with my finger as fast as I can.

From my use of it, I don’t know if it can last for 24 hours, but it has lasted me from day until when I sleep so maybe the longest I had it on was for 9 hours. It also hasn’t smudged on me during the times I’ve had it on.

Is it waterproof? I don’t think so. The way I remove is actually..with water hahas. I just jump into the shower and let the water wash it off with a little bit of rubbing. It has also come off when I cry. But I’ve worn it in the summer when I’m sweating, and it still held up.

It’s easy and quick to make a clean thin line. I love its precision. However, it may take more time for those who like to make much thicker lines.

I’ve also bought and used the Dark Brown color  one to create a very subtle softer or more natural look to complement my brown eyes and pale skin. Sometimes I feel the black color one is too harsh or jarring during daytime. However, my friends have actually told me that they don’t see my eyeliner at all, so not sure if it’s good or not. I’ve tried the Indigo color one as the color is very pretty. I have not bought it but I can see myself using it when I want to glam up in a blue dress.

Towards the end of its shelf life – when the applied line is not as smooth as before – I do have to shake it up a bit to increase the smoothness. Since I don’t use it very often, it does dry out after 2 years of sparing use.


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