Pixie Trixie

I’m a girl and I naturally like my hair a bit more than boy hair length long. For the most part of my life, my hair length is usually medium length (i.e., past shoulder-length). I started pondering of a boy cut aka pixie cut a few years back. I looked up pictures of what the style I would like and I found several that I really liked to have one me as well. I am scared of how it will grow out though, so I never really gathered the courage to chop it all off. The most I have done is get a bob cut (see below). For now, I will just showcase some of the gathered pictures I found online of great pixie hair cuts on celebrities and every day people that I will one day show my hairstylist to cut for me. Some of them are celebrities so hover over the image for their names to google search for more angles.


my asymmetrical bob cut – the shortest I have done so far

There are options for a longer pixie hair cut found here.


If you are worried about how it will grow out – and I have too – here is an example of how to style your growing-out hair.

Options for growing-out a pixie-cut.

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