In between the seasons

Winter in Atlanta is coming closer to its end but the spring weather is still not within reach enough to stole away those winter layers just yet. When the temperatures range from low 40s to high 50s in a single day, that’s when I like to bring out this long H&M pea coat in grey (or is it gray?) color.

H&M pea coat, Uniqlo Slim-fit Chino pants, Aerosoles boots

I got this a few years ago while browsing through its store. I wasn’t looking for anything specific, but I saw a large rack of grey pea coats that were only in size 4. The material does not look cheap nor is it thin. It is actually a bit on the hefty side and that’s why I think it’s perfect for those in between season weather. Even though it is a size 4, it felt very very snug on me where I wouldn’t be able to wear another layer on nor a thick single layer. That’s another reason why I can’t wear it in the winter season as it wouldn’t be warm enough without extra layers. The sleeve length and overall length are of a perfect fit for me. The inside is lined as well. I felt very lucky to chance upon this steal that was on sale for $19!

It’s not a military style coat, but it’s so well structured that if I paired this with calf high boots and earthy colored pants, I would feel as if I could be walking in the Russian army. But it also restricts a bit of my movement that I’ve learned to quickly deal with. I’ve noticed that many pea coats don’t have covered pockets and open from the side for you to put your hands in, but this one isn’t like that. There are two zip pockets on the chest that can’t really fit anything, but then there are two button pockets near the waist that are useful for holding my phone or other flat things since I don’t have to worry about them falling out from the sides. I almost want to call this an utilitarian coat too!

Pictures are from last year’s visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Can’t wait for Spring!





Photography courtesy to my younger sister.


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