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Happy Saturday vibes


Lovely sunny weather today in the 50s today! Felt really comfy running weekend errands in this PJ-like top, jeans, and flats. Grabbed some Sublime Doughnuts and did a quick Whole Foods market trip. I rarely venture to Whole Foods due to their

Cheese Danish and Fresh Strawberries n’ Creme from Sublime Doughnuts

jacked up prices and personal skepticism about organic labels, but I wasn’t buying any organic stuff on this shopping trip except for some really good quality coffee – Counter Culture whole bean coffee and Stumptown’s Cold Brew coffee. Counter Culture is a local coffee roaster in Atlanta and highly raved among Atlanta coffee brewers. My bf and I decided that we needed to start paying $14+ per pound of beans if we want to step up our coffee game. Stumptown is originally from Portland, OR, and I had their cold brew coffee there when I was visiting the city for a job interview and I instantly fell in love. It is really nice to finally see them in Atlanta stores or in the Southeastern retailers at all. Have a happy weekend!

from my Snapchat > savorytouch




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