Happy Leap Day

…and a very Happy Birthday to those born on Feb 29th! Those leap year babies will always be 4 times younger than the rest of us xD

That also means there are #LeapDay sales going on of course so take a leap to your favorite store for this once in a 4 year happening. If you like Ann Taylor like me, they are having a 50% off sale (US only, ends tonight) with code Hurry50 but only free shipping if you spend $175+. Since I don’t spend that much, I used their SHOP40 for 40% off that comes with free shipping with no minimum. You can also use MYSTERY40 because for some reason, they are showing 2 codes for it on their site. My final order came out cheaper with Shop40 than Hurry50.


There is always something I want from AT but instead of picking something neutral or dark, I decided to take a leap with this pink item in the sale section – Mixed Media Tie Neck Blouse. I got this in petite size S and Fragrant Lilac color, but it definitely looks pink to me. It seems to have glowing reviews too on the site. I had to take a long pause when looking at this because it wasn’t screaming my name, but then my imagination began creating some blushful images that could work with my wardrobe and convinced myself to make this look sophisticated on me. I used to think that pink was too girly-girly of a color for me and would make me look younger when I was trying to looking older. But with the welcoming of spring and its fashion trends, I realized I just lacked the confidence to wear pink.  Still not sure if I like this blouse tied or not, but I definitely want to pull up the sleeves a bit like the model, pair with some light blue or beige jeans, and finally polish it off with a top bun. So now I wait for this and hope it will look as good as I am imagining it to be.

Edit: I later asked my bf’s opinion on this shirt and he absolutely does not like it >_>


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