feeling the blues

Cobalt blue is a color that I thought wouldn’t wear as it was so bright. I have always preferred wearing darker and neutral colors/shades – black, gray, navy – boring, right? It sounds like I have a boring closet, but those colors feel so safe and flexible. But sometimes, I break out of my comfort zone to find something new that I can work out with.

One day, I was invited to eat lunch with one of my besties at a Michelin star restaurant in the Meatpacking District of NYC. It was my first time at a high-end eatery and I was racking my brains on what to wear. I even searched on yelp hoping to see pictures of the clients and what they wore. Thankfully, it seemed to be business casual-casual wear. I thought of wearing a dress but quickly went against it as it was still a bit chilly, and I didn’t want to dress in black either since it’s a lunch and not a dinner occasion. Since this was a Japanese and family-type of restaurant, I knew I wanted to wear something fresh?

F21 model wearing Essential V-neck Cardigan Sweater

That’s when I decided to pair this Forever 21’s Cobalt Blue Cardigan with H&M’s Floral Printed Top. The flower prints are mostly dark blue colored and I thought they were nicely enhanced with a bright cobalt cardigan. I wore black skinny jeans to have more contrast with the top and paired it with my brown leather flats. Whenever I think of Japanese food, I think of spring, and that was mainly the inspiration for this outfit. I felt more confident wearing such a bright blue color, but it’s not too bright that it can’t be worn to the office either. Thanks for looking!


my outfit for a special Japanese lunch outing



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